Dear Dog Lover


I’ve always wanted to be Dog Savvy.

From my early days of accosting anyone who owned or trained dogs, through training as a veterinary nurse, a kennel maid, a dog groomer, a farmhand…. I needed to know more.

I was so delighted to find the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) in 2013, an organisation who practice and promote up to date, force free, positive, reward based methods in dog training and behaviour and I’m very proud to say that I trained extensively and passed a rigorous assessment with them to become a fully accredited IMDT trainer in 2014.

After completing many courses in Canine Behaviour, I am currently studying for a diploma in Canine Behaviour with the International School for Canine Psychology (ISCP), another organisation with a strict fear and force free, positive code of ethics and I’m loving it.

I am also a volunteer trainer for the National Animal Welfare Trust who are a progressive rescue organisation in Watford and I am an approved trainer for the wonderful charity Veterans with Dogs who provide and train assistance dogs for veterans suffering with PTSD. Very rewarding work.

With all the exciting advances in canine research recently, it’s more important than ever that our profession keeps up to date and, as it happens, I’m a little bit addicted to courses and seminars and learning in general so you can rest assured, I’m not letting sleeping dogs lie (although really, you should)!

So now that I really am Dog Savvy, my greatest pleasure and life’s mission is to help you be more Dog Savvy too and I look forward to working with you and your canine companions, building trusting relationships and life long bonds with kindness and understanding.